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Hi! My name is Daniela and I am the ‘Rebel Chef’ behind  the stove and lens which feed into Rebel’s Kitchen. : )

I like cooking (no ways!), and particulary with vegetables, herbs and natural flavors. I also strongly feel that eating food which is of benefit to one’s body does NOT have to be a bain. In fact, making and eating healthy food, can get pretty exciting.

And did you know that it was the industrial revolution which implemented the large scale occurrence of diets heavy on processed starch, tweaked-with fats and meat from animals kept in miserable circumstances? Fitting when you consider how one feels after a long day in a workplace and you are in your kitchen trying to gather the energy to cook.

Not all, but most of my recipes (particulary the dinner ones) are in aid of what I like to think of as a in-your-face against this situation.

I am done ranting now.

Want to read a short story? It’s just my story, but I am going to make it as entertaining for you as I can.

The Tale of the Pirate Princess

When the pirate princess was a wee little thing she spent most of her time aboard her Mother and Father’s pirate ship, on which the musketeering family sailed to many a far and distant shore.

Besides the mandatory explorations and general buccaneering activities, the pirate princess used to enjoy to sit on a little wooden step by the ‘galley’ watching her mother make their daily sup. She would prattle happily on about her imaginings and thoughts, all the while observing the stews her mother wove over the stove.

All this continued peacefully for some time, until one day our maturing pirate had the inkling of a brilliant idea.

“Mommy, mommy! Can I cook us supper tonight?!”

And here began a reign of, well not really terror, but most decidedly a rebellion against all things established and held as sacred within the realms of kitchens. Many a fight broke out between the pirate princess and the pirate queen.

This was also an era of mysterious appearances of food on ceilings, flour between floorboards, and stickiness which stretched (almost) from mast tip to bilge bottom.

However, like most other fairytales this too has a happy ending. After many an adventure in the kitchen, aboard ship and later washed ashore, mother and daughter now share recipes, tips, epic fails, and unforeseen wins with all things food related whenever they have a chance.


Inspiration of Rebel’s Kitchen

My route into the kitchen and towards cooking up a recipe blog, definitely sprouted way back when my parents and I were sailing on a yacht. My mom used to get so mad – and I NEVER wanted to listen to her good advice. Whether it was how to make a white sauce, or ‘No, you can’t just dump eggs into boiling water and expect the broth to thicken.” Why I felt so compelled to wade my way through a trail of ruined dishes and catastrophic messes I don’t know.

Boat life came with its share of extended periods off in the middle of nowhere, and we had to cook with what we had in the lockers. When we hit port again, it was often to find that the vegetable market sported wonderful things like okra and tamarinds, but no such thing as a plain cauliflower.

Nowadays my Mom and I continue the theme of cooking with what you got, because she (the zealous hardworking person that she is) has a large organic vegetable garden. Cooking from the garden has an sandy appeal of its own, and it does give practice in inventing a ‘1000th way to cook pumpkin’.

What Goes into the Food

Which brings me to one of the most important topics. Most of my vegetables come from this alleged garden (it’s impressive, trust me). The rest of the items in my pantry and cooking, what I think of as my dried rations, are pretty regular staples.


I get a sense of triumphant satisfaction when I can make healthy food which is not only edible, or even tasty, to someone who is not a health fanatic. That’s the whole point right.

I experience this same feeling when I can get a gluten free, vegan or dairy free twist on something. There are so many delicious edibles in the world, why should a dietary requirement slow things down? That’s just maddening to think of.

Another theme which makes me feel like I am helping to figure out a world topic, is cooking so that I can eat what I want, and The Troll (I love you very much but I do not want to eat buckets of pasta every month) can eat what he likes. While I know that spinach is wonderful for you, I cannot expect the poor man to stay with me if he gets presented with it in large quantities with no processed starch in sight! Horrors!

And so, if I get the chance, I tweak things so that we can eat the same things, while kind of eating totally different things. If that makes sense. If I post meals like these, I will always tell you – so any woman scared of her partner running screaming from house on Spinach Night can explore this avenue.

It’s Hereditary

Before I end off this awfully long about, I just wanted to tell you about Garth Humphrey Kirkpatrick. He is (was if you believe in death) my Grandfather.

At the ripe old age of 80, at the point where Granny lost her marbles and dentures simultaneously (actually we think she hid them but no matter), Grandpa stepped up to the role of head chef for the two of them. As far as I am aware he had never set foot into a kitchen before except to tinker with the odd toaster throughout the years.

Disregarding this lack of job experience, Grandpa proceeded without trepidation to blaze a trail in the culinary field (aka their little cottage kitchen).

He consistently turned out grand dishes such as flask rice, rock cakes and frozen fish fingers. He also encountered a gas explosion from which he and Granny luckily and narrowly escaped. This ruined his oven, which he refused to replace (he is of Scottish descent). Thereafter all baking was done under the Great Electric Griller.

Oh did I mention that his tool of choice for stir fries was a scraper? From the garage.

And so hence the name ‘Rebel’s Kitchen’. I think it is entirely appropriate, especially as Grandpa’s pet name for me as a nobby kneed youngster was ‘little rebel’. : )

My spirit is probably not nearly so brave and my soul neither so fearless, and I try not to make too many rock cakes. But I hope to always honor Grandpa’s undeterrable attitude.

Enough Nonsense

All fun must end at some point, and unfortunately the little garden cottage is no longer at risk of explosions or rock cakes.

However as life has a way of happening, as one door closes so opens another. Which in my case was my beloved Troll.

The Troll and I live in the most cutest abode, a couple of roads away from my folks. His parents in turn stay in the neighboring town and we descend on them very frequently just so that they don’t forget what it’s like to have kids coming and cluttering up the house. We do not have any four legged pets, but we do have a lot of pot plants and a few hundred fish (hint: they are not my fish).

Back when I was wondering what on earth to do for a living I qualified as a bookkeeper / accountant. I still have a couple of great clients and now besides this blog, I also do freelance writing about fermented foods. When I am not swamped with things that absolutely need to get done, I help out at ‘The Farm’ (that is where the legendary vegetable garden is located and the Pirate King aka My Dad reigns supreme). I try to fit this in whenever possible so as to deserve my share of vegetable matter, and to keep from becoming a blob.

The Troll involves himself in internet related areas of which I am unable to understand much – strange things like cryptographic currencies. He also talks of mysteries stuff such as backlinks, and hosting. As you can imagine he created this blog and tirelessly comes to my assistance in all things tech related. If I make myself particulary agreeably he even pulls out drill and what not to craft photography items for me!

Speaking of photography – I am an absolute novice. But I love it!! I cannot help feeling unproportionately proud when I turn out a pictured which is not a blurred mess. If you have any criticisms or tips for me on any of my photos, please do not hesitate to lecture in the comments.

This is the part where one would usually put what your hobbies and interests are. One of the things which sneakily prompted me to create a recipe blog was the fact that one day, when I was filling out one of those password prompting questions “What is your favorite hobby” – I realised that it was cooking. How convenient, I thought at the time – ‘and I get to do it everyday!’ In fact HAVE to do it everyday, otherwise

what would we all eat I ask you?

If you have made it to the end of this inordinately long about, I salute you. I hope that you find exactly what you are looking for on Rebel’s Kitchen. I wish I could meet every one of you who visit – but seeing as that is most highly unlikely, know that I am honoured you came.

For now –

May your anchor be tight,
May your cork be loose,
May your rum be spiced,
And may your compass be true.

-Old time sailor good wishes-