Hi! My name is Daniela. I am the ‘Rebel Chef’ behind  the stove and lens which feed into Rebel’s Kitchen. : )

My goal with Rebel’s Kitchen is to share with you inspiring recipes which are healthy, tasty and easy to make. Let’s break the mold a little and turn ‘healthy eating’ into happy eating. Life is too short to eat bad food – or to feel bad about food. I want to be a part in helping you to feel 100% excited about what you are eating and cooking >


The Recipes

Nowadays the hot topic seems to be about what people do not eat.

This is often for very important reasons, such as intolerances, deep seated health issues, or in protest against cruelty to animals. To speak to this, I develop some recipes specifically with a vegan slant, or a gluten free slant, in order to make it easier for you the reader to follow your eating needs.

As this blog is a reflection of what I practice around eating, there are also a variety of non-exclusion based recipes. The common theme is a focus on nutrient density, whole foods, and plants. As a part of a diet which is rich in these, I also include a portion of less nutrient dense recipes, such as pasta, pizza etc. Because I believe that if you are eating well, then having something which is not a superfood once in awhile, is ok too.


A Little About Me

My partner and I live on a farm with my folks in the Garden Route of South Africa. Originally I was born in Namibia and prior to moving here my parents and I lived on a small Wylo boat. The three of us were yachties and spent most of the sailing years in the Caribbean.

Right now we (N and I) are looking to build a tiny (ish) house!

Besides recipe creation, my great love is kitting. I have recently discovered meditation, I love beer, coffee, lilac hair, windy days and good podcasts.

Thank you for visiting Rebels Kitchen, and for taking the time to read this About. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you feel like saying hi, have recipe requests, cooking questions etc etc.

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For now dear blog reader,

May your anchor be tight,
May your cork be loose,
May your rum be spiced,
And may your compass be true.

-Old time sailor good wishes-